The Most Common Mistake Preppers Make

Delete "MISTAKE"While you’re taking some time out of your busy schedule to review your preparedness plans for 2014, it’s so important that you don’t make the most common prepper mistake of all-time. Thankfully Uncensored Survival Review is here to make sure you don’t make this mistake, as it’s a very easy error to make, especially for survivalists.

When we are in the preparedness mindset, I think it’s natural to miss this. What is it, you ask?

I know that most of us get lost dreaming of a nice remote cabin retreat, one we can call a “safe house”, a safe haven where we can disappear from all of the craziness and unrest in case of an extended crisis.

The smell of the cabin timber, a roaring campfire, and fresh well water, floods our imagination.

I think it’s safe to say that we all tend to get a little overly wrapped up in this bug-out fantasy that consumes 90% of our plan. It’s understandable and it happens to the best of us.

It’s also the top mistake that worldwide preppers make. The fact is the following, immediately after the beginning of a crisis, the chances are this, you’ll be much safer, comfortable, and secure at your primary residence.

Everyone usually plans to escape for the hills, but this common decision gets them trapped in miles and miles of congestion (because everyone else had the same idea).

If you’ve ever been caught up in hurricane or similar natural disaster evacuation gridlock, you have a good idea of what this might be like. Hours and hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic, the roadside scattered with broken down or ill-functioning cars, running out of fuel in a massive traffic jam, these are only the slightest of consequences of trying to “bug-out” at the wrong time.

shelter in place logoThe Case for Sheltering in Place

Obviously, evacuating is your safest choice in cases of natural disasters, but in other scenarios, it might not be your best option. Sometimes trying to flee the scene can in fact, increase your chances of getting stranded, encountering thieves, being rounded up by FEMA agents, etc.

The preplanned route to your bug-out location will most likely be drastically different during a crisis than it would be in normal conditions. It’s critical that you have this information prior to you getting stuck in whatever pitfalls that may await you on the road.

Evidently, your home is the place you know the most about and where your information network is the strongest. Unless your home has been directly impacted by a natural disaster, there is absolutely no reason to flee from it in haste. Ideally, your family will then be able to stay safe and secure in the home in which they’re most familiar.

The Biggest Mistake

These are precisely the reasons why I believe that the number one prepper mistake of all time is failing to prepare for a shelter in place scenario.

There is a much bigger chance that you’ll have to wait out civil unrest, blackouts, supply shortages, and other emergencies from your home. The roads can be too dangerous to travel. They may be closed and/or impassible.

With this, the best disaster insurance is having a complete stockpile of survival supplies in the home, as this is the most likely plan that you’ll need to use.

Although I don’t give our government officials too much credit in the brainpower department, there was a reason that they ordered Boston residents to “shelter in place” after the marathon bombing, rather than calling for a mass evacuation. They knew that an unnecessary evacuation could lead to a situation that’s as bad as the initial emergency, or worse.

Regardless of the fact that most Americans haven’t done even an ounce of disaster planning, they have a better chance of safely weathering a within their home than on the road. Bugging out requires extraordinary levels of planning. Just think about how much planning it takes to prepare for even a weeklong vacation, then multiply that by 100.

The Pillars of a Good Shelter in Place Plan

What can you do to prepare your home? It has to be a life raft in the turbulent aftermath of a crisis. If you can provide the three essential pillars of survival, you can shelter your family inside your home until the crisis abates, or until you’re able to safely relocate to your remote cabin or “safe house.”

Water – Be sure you have at least a 14-day supply, 1 gallon per person per day.

Food – Survival food buckets are a costly but effective solution, but canned and shelf-stable foods are a much more common option. Don’t forget that you can’t count on refrigeration during many crisis scenarios.

Security – If you can’t secure your family within your home, you must leave. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter how much water or food you have stored away, safety is always the most important asset to your family. Always plan to keep a low profile, keep contact with friends and neighbors, and consider your options for confronting the most likely dangers.

How to Use Aluminum Foil 7 Different Ways

uncensored survival reviewThey all say that necessity is the mother of invention, and with this thought Uncensored Survival Review will show you just how true this statement is.

When you are caught in the middle of a SHTF situation, having close to zero supplies, necessity appears in every corner you glance, but by knowing some simple survival hacks you are capable of solving so many problems. In a perfect situation, your emergency survival stockpile would consist of multipurpose products such as duct-tape, hydrogen peroxide and most certainly, aluminum foil.

In order of importance, Aluminum foils falls closely behind duct-tape and bailing wire, as it can be so useful in these types of situations. I’ve put together a details list of 7 not-so-common uses for this product.

I’m positive that if you get a little creative, you will be able to think of dozens of more uses for this versatile item.


1. Repair Battery Connections

A battery-powered gadget can begin to work intermittently, which could mean that you are dealing with a loose batter connection. After a period of time, springs can begin to lose tension, which allows your batteries to move around inside and lose necessary contact. To fix this dilemma use a small piece of aluminum foil fold it until it is thick enough to fill the unwanted space.

2. Makeshift Frying Pan

When you are stuck in a situation where you need to cook something, yet lack the tools, you can use aluminum foil to make a basic frying pan. To make an improvised frying pan with aluminum foil it’s fairly easy: all you need is aluminum foil and two large sticks. Wrap the edges of aluminum foil around the sticks and voila! You now have a frying pan.

3. Keep Your Bedroll Dry

Have you ever tried to sleep with wet bedding? If you have then you will know just how awful it is and how much it can ruin a good nights’ sleep. To protect yourself and your sleeping bag from rain or morning dew, place some heavy-duty aluminum foil under your sleeping bag, or even drape it on top of your sleeping bag (the dew will form on the foil instead of your bag).

4. Keep tinder/matches dry

This one’s super simple. Keep your matches and tinder dry by wrapping them in aluminum foil.

5. Lure a fish

There are many species of fish that are attracted to shiny objects. Wrap some aluminum foil around your fishing line or assemble a makeshift foil lure near your hook. The reflective foil lure around your hook will entice fish to bite.

6. Make a funnel

A funnel can be very handy yet often times it is an over-looked item. So when you need a funnel but you don’t have one or can’t find one, use aluminum foil to make one. Get some aluminum foil then roll it until you get the proper funnel shape.

7. Mark Your Trail

Aluminum foil works perfectly as a way to signal for help by placing pieces of aluminum foil in the branches of a tree or just by simply holding it up.

Uncensored Survival Review

I have a healthy interest in survival and particularly preparedness, that’s why I decided to take a chance on a product that I had seen around online called Uncensored Survival, and then decided to share with all of you my Uncensored Survival Review.

comp-screenAs you are all aware, we are heading for uncertain times and this has lead me down the path to making sure that myself and my family are prepared. So that’s why I decided to check out Uncensored Survival for myself and give you the readers my 100% unbiased review of the product.

What better way to learn about the merits of a survival product than by having someone who has already put the product to use tell you exactly what’s included.

Uncensored Survival was created and produced by a guy called Oli Fischer he is a local Texan man who himself is preparing for the collapse of our economy and I was intrigued because watching his presentations I he speaks a ton of sense.

A lot of what is happening in our economy right now should have every American citizen worried, well it certainly has me worried and being a regular guy just like me I decided to give it a shot and see what Uncensored Survival could do for me.

The price that I had to pay for the course was $47 and that includes a physical book delivered to my front door.

I was confronted with a nice members area and an online library when I gained access via email and the course is broken down into five very simple to read and understand chapters.

You get the following with the survival course;

1) Hoarding Survival Secrets – Why EVERYONE Gets Emergency Food Storage Wrong. Did You Know Mice And Rats Can Chew Through Rubbermaid Tote In Minutes?

Some of the content in volume number one really opened my eyes to exactly what I had to do to prepare and was worth the cost of the course alone.

2) Extreme Survival Secrets – How To Create A REAL “Bug Out” Bag, And What You Need To Protect Your Life Should Thieves Loot Your Home.

Being prepared and ready should you need to bug out immediately is something that I had considered but the tips and checklist I had been given inside chapter two has made me re-evaluate exactly how my B.O.B is now structured.

Chapters 3 and 4 cover both aspects of defense for home and personal safety. As you will already know when the bomb drops you need to be able to defend yourself and also your home, some things inside the course should be known by those interested in preparedness and survival and to be honest some of techniques were not new to me. However some of the other advanced strategies we’re great such as the way to avoid a mob attack and how to tell if someone is going to attack you.

Both of those opened my eye’s to what I need to look for and I’m proud to say I’m putting these in place for my wife and kids.

I won’t be caught out by looters or rioters when our society finally collapses.

The final section of the course covers the mental aspect survival and what exactly you should do when you need to regain control of your body. Lets face it when you are faced with a emergency situation you need to know exactly how to handle it and being mentally ready is something that I personally had not thought about.

Look I’m not about to blow some or feed you any BS so this is my completely unbiased Uncensored Survival revival review.

Would I recommend it …?

Yes I would, for the price of a decent meal I now feel secure knowing that myself and my family are fully prepared.

It’s not just some rehashed old nonsense that won’t work in a real survival situation. These are real techniques that will keep you safe.

Like everyone I have been worried by what I am seeing in the decline in our country here in the United States and I wanted to be fully prepared. I’m a keen prepper already and I like to think that I keep my ear to the ground and I understand what’s going on within our society so it only pays to be completely prepared.

That’s why a couple of years ago I really started getting into the prepared mindset and as my father always said to me “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”.

So that’s exactly what I have done, you must literally have your head in the sand to not realise that the economy is about to collapse and that the US is headed for what is being commonly called a “reset”.

So my honest and unbiased opinion of Uncensored Survival is that it’s completely worth the $47 that’s being charged and I guaranteed even if you’re the most avid prepper around you will learn something that you can use that could potentially save your life.

If you want to check it out just go to and see for yourself.

They have a really helpful support staff and all of my questions have been answered. They also have a forum that preppers can share ideas and opinions and help each other out.